Clutch problem warning signs

The clutch is one of the most important elements of your cars operation, It regulates the power to your engine, and it is necessary for your car to accelerate, decelerate and stop. Your clutch takes a lot of abuse – without the clutch your car simply would not go - so It makes sense to look after it, but do you know what signs to look for if your clutch is not performing?

You should have your clutch looked at if:

  • You notice a Burnt ‘toast’ or ‘burning rubber’ smell in your car, or smoke from under vehicle

  • Your Vehicle is slipping out of gear for no reason

  • There is jerky or sticky gear operation

  • Your clutch is not disengaging fully, or your clutch is sticking or shuddering

If your clutch is showing any of the warning signs above – it can mean any number of faults. Clutch problems are difficult to diagnose because many issues can cause the same symptoms, depending on the vehicle and type of engine. For the best advice on clutch shuddering, slipping or noise – call us at Drysdale Motors today.

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