Car Air Conditioning Service


Drysdale Motors (AU18848) are qualified to perform all your Car Air Conditioning Regas, Repairs, Service or Inspection needs in Drysdale and the surrounding areas.

Modern vehicles are extremely complex and just like the engine your automotive air conditioning system has components that need to be serviced or replaced on a regular basis to ensure continued reliable and efficient operation.


Is keeping your cool costing you fuel?

If refrigerant starts to evaporate or leak your air con system will begin to deteriorate and will have to work harder, increasing your fuel consumption.

Therefore it is important to perform a regular evaluation of the condition of the rubber seals for any signs of leaks or deterioration which may be a signal of refrigerant loss.

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Having your car's air conditioning serviced yearly means you help prevent costly breakdowns now and in the future, keep passengers safe by helping to prevent the build-up of potentially harmful substances and a well serviced vehicle air conditioner actually saves you money because it uses less fuel.

Drysdale Motors care about the environment and have Arctick Authorisation (AU18848) to reliably and responsibly conduct vehicle air conditioner regas, repairs, service or inspection.

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